0255A: The Christmas Party Across Two Countries - The Sequel

Office Christmas parties are tricky since the morning feels like a  frenetic rush to get things done and then by the end of the day you need  to wrap things up so the party proper begins. Both parts of the day are crazy and tiring and fun in their own ways.

When you have a team split across two countries, the internet is generally your best friend. But it can only go so far and thus hats off to the team for figuring out party games were easy enough to implement in both countries and  were played over video conference. This year we just had general competition stuff and it was a lot of fun for everyone, definitely. We didn't have time for costumes and group presentations this year since things have been quite busy at work but I think the party was still quite the success.

And boy do we have so much cake this time around. Crazy town.

In a weird way, I hope the company never gets too big for these sorts of video conference-enabled parties and celebrations. It has sort of become part of the quirkiness of how we work and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We still have one more work day tomorrow, but things are going to wrap up earlier because of  another special event. I better make sure my camera is ready.