02559: Last-Minute Errands

It is rare that Tobie and I buy clothes and today after work we accompanied my sister and her husband for some last-minute clothing shopping for holiday events. It was a quirky shopping journey with a lot of joking and a fair amount of walking up and down Bonifacio High Street but in the end we achieved our goals.

For the two of us, we at least got new shirts to wear for a special dinner and a second pair of shirts for any other events that may come up. We might even wear these long-sleeved polos to O Bar some time just for a change of pace from our typical statement tees and the like. So yay for new things to wear!

It's going to be a very busy weekend.

Beyond that it was a fun day at work.We took the team out to lunch at Pound by Todd English and it was certainly a very filling (and potato-full) meal. Big bonding moments like that are always fun and tomorrow we'll have the cross-country Christmas party to look forward to as well.