02557: Gifting Season Discoveries

The holiday period is an interesting time has one looking at different stores and Christmas-themed bazaars in search of gifts. And thus you discover a whole host of quirky things that people have decided to make a living out of includig a crazy amount of baked goods. There are few things more Christmasy than pastries, I guess.

And seriously, there are a LOT of interesting products out there. If you really want to try to follow an internet meme about buying local, all these Christmas fairs are a great place to go. Beyond theinevitable ready-to-eat stuff, you may be quite surprised by some of things being sold. And the whole experince may turn you into a loyal customer if you get that match of interesting product with happy customer. That's when capitalism can be a lot of fun.

This assumes you can still find the supplier outside of the limited-time holiday bazaar. You have to be smart about things after all.