02556: 12 Years of O Bar Love

So it has been a CRAZY O Bar weekend. Every year we celebrate the anniversary of the bar and every year our particular circle of friends marvels at the fact that another year has passed and the bar is still going strong.

At the heart of O Bar are its owner-operators who put in a lot of hard work and effort into delivering a unique experience each and every week. It takes a lot of work to run even the simplest of bars, what more one that focuses on presenting one of the (if not THE) best drag shows in Asia (or dare I say THE WORLD).

To limit one's view of O Bar as "just" a gay bar would severely limit your understanding and appreciation of the O Bar experience. It's a bar that's open to anyone who wants a good show regardless of gender and it's not solely for gay and bisexual men.

What consistently sets O Bar apart from the other bars are the O Divas, Asia's Finest Dancing Drag Queens. Sure almost every LGBT bar learned to emulate the O Bar format of having drag queens perform at the bar, O Bar had to elevated the drag show to the central experience of the bar instead or incidental entertainment. O Bar celebrates drag as an art form and puts the girls through rigorous rehearsals for each show and supplementary classes in ballet, modern dance and even speech and enunciation. The team at O Bar puts a lot of thought into the talent they choose to hire and nurture and the shows they eventually put on.

I have worlds of love and respect for everyone at O Bar for all that they do and how they've created a special home for many of us. Over the weekend a newcomer that Tobie had happened to speak to remarked that O Bar feeels more like a house party among friends that just happen to have a very big house.

I rather like that notion - that O Bar is a home we're all invited into. They make sure you're treated well and they put on some serious entertainment to show you a good time. Just make sure you behave - you're still a guest after all. I'm looking at you rowdy people who bump into others repeatedly and tend to break stuff.

O Bar is a gift to the community and one they I'll do everything in my power to support and celebrate the bar for as long as it continues to welcome us all through its doors. It's worth the effort of crossing Metro Manila traffic, enduring  the press of the crowds on busy Saturday nights and taking way more photos and videos than I need to. I love O Bar and I feel their love and support too whenever Tobie and I are there. I'm sure that will never change.