02555: Christmas Blitzing

Surprise, surprise! I'm pretty much done with my Christmas gift shopping for this year. Tobie and I dragged ourselves out of the Sietch today to trek over to Makati (as the shopping options were better there) to (1) give me a chance to find a particular Transformer I was still missing and (2) try to get some Christmas shopping done. It was easy enough to find the Transformer - the clerks thought they could hide the newer waves behind a few layers of older figures but I dug out Slugslinger to bring him home.

But the first Christmas gift purchase ended up being for me, apparently. After looking at the LEGO Star Wars figures again and lamenting how K-2SO from Rogue One was still so expensive, Tobie surprised me by getting the figure. Apparently he had been holding it the whole time I was in queue to pay for my Transformer. To prevent me from noticing this, he kept pointing at different toys on display behind the Toys R Us counter as a distraction that oddly enough worked. So once I was done purchasing my figure, he whipped out the LEGO set and promptly paid for me. Oh this crazy man that I love.

We went around several stores to pick up this and that in the end I was happy to note that I had finished all the major gift-buying I had aimed to do while Tobie still has a bit of a ways to go before finishing. We'll see what shopping time we can squeeze in this week to over all of our bases. More importantly I need to wrap all these gifts before giving them out over the next few days and into the Christmas weekend proper.

But that's all part of the holiday fun.

Now Tobie and I need to figure out what to wear for the second part of O Bar's 12th anniversay celebrations with Jiggly Caliente. More crazy fun ahead!