02554: 12 Years of O Bar

This weekend our favorite hangout place O Bar is celebrating its 12 anniversary. They have a big 2-day celebration all set starting with the best performances of the O Divas tonight and a homecoming concert even for RuPaul's Drag Race queen Jiggly Caliente on Saturday night. And naturally Tobie and I will be there for both nights.

I've talked about O Bar as a second home for us many times now (and apparently I've written many blog posts that mention how often I write about this as well), but the statement remains very much true no matter how much I look at things. They're like family to us and we value all the hard work that goes into making the bar work. And man they delivery a phenomenal show each and every time and that's totally worth celebrating.

I just don't know how we'll physically manage all these activities this weekend, but we'll endeavor to do our best! We're crazy stubborn geeks that way.