0254F: Gaming Wrap-up For 2017

Yesterday was our last official board game session with the Finer Gaming Things Club (FGTC) as we have to give way to the holidays ahead. Apart from our usual board games,  I was glad that the group also accommodated my request to run my Doctor Who RPG adventure for them despite how nervous I was about it. The resulting story actually wasn't that bad and I feel better for having finally brought that story to life to some extent.

Then it was back to board games and I barely survived our Clank! run while I somehow managed to win our 5-way Suburbia game. And we all had too much food. That bellychon was downright magical.

The FGTC remains to be one of the best things to happen to us in terms of gaming as they're a consistent and  highly supportive group of gamers and a fun group to be with. We've never fully cancelled a session this year and it's nice to have that sort of stability in your gaming calendar.

Today we're playing what I expect to be our last Pendragon RPG session for the year as well. We've just barely survived a rather epic battle but some of us are walking away with permanent injuries. I'm just glad that I survived long enough to ensure I get back to my new wife but well see how things turn out.

The holiday festivities are really going to pick up in the next few weeks with a lot of family stuff on the horizon. Hope we get through all this alive hahaha