0254C: Christmas Productivity

The holiday season is fully upon us and that means seriously thinking about what Christmas presents to give. And as I've discussed before, I come from a family that takes gift-giving very seriously. As much as I try to be smarter about things by getting more shopping done online, getting the right gift for people can be quite the tedious and more importantly time-consuming process.

In that regard I suppose it's both a good and a bad thing that the gaming calendar for this month isn't quite as busy as we'd like. But less games means more time to schedule shopping runs to get us ready for the holidays.

What is of somewhat disappointment when it comes to living in BGC is the fact that the shopping options here are a little high end unless you venture to Market! Market! Or something. We just came from SM Aura after work and it was only now that I realized that the department store doesn't even sell the usual assortment of socks that you typically find at SM. Instead of a wide assortment with clerks practically harassing you about buying socks, here they have a single stand of very limited (and supposedly high end) options. Good grief.

I'm maybe halfway done with my family-related Christmas shopping thanks to some early acquisitions and some smart online shopping. But I still need to figure out the rest plus folks like the team at the office and friends of that nature.

At least it's a fun challenge!