0254B: The Master Calls

So my planned Doctor Who RPG scenario is still very much a thing and it looks like I'll be running the session this weekend with the FGTC. Not all of them are experienced with RPGs (or Doctor Who for that matter), so it'll be a bit of a learning experience for both of us given I'm not exactly the most experienced game master (GM) around.

With the game looming so near, I'm going over my last preparations including printing out the necessary sheets and mapping a few more side-plots and contingency plans. It's hard to predict how things will go so who knows really. But I'll do my best to map out ways to deal with things in order to keep the story going.

My biggest worry is how I'll keep everyone on track and make sure that they figure out the ending I have in mind for them. I don't want to railroad them and I'm trying to keep the door open to other ways of resolving this scenario but naturally the writer in me wants things to turn out a certain way. In my head I want to call it the "ideal" ending, but that inherently prejudices me against the players finding alternate solutions. But we'll see how things go.

At least I was able to prepare my soundtracks already. This is the one time I've managed to make better use of my Spotify Premium subscription other than unlimited skipping of music, haha.