0254A: Still Going Uphill

At the end of work I was feeling lazy to cook dinner again and the whole walk home had me internally debating whether or not I was going to cook or I'd invite Tobie to eat out or we'd just order in. By the time I got back home to the condo I had reminded myself that we still had one of those more ready-to-eat Quorn packs to try and a quick omelet would round things out.

I'm realizing that a bit of a factor in all this is knowing that our stores are running a little low in the veggie department. It's somewhat demotivating to think about what to cook when you don't have all the ingredients that you might want to work with and so your cooking options narrow. And I don't even think of big grandiose dishes to prepare but just things that feel comfortable and familiar. And admittedly in recent months I've been consciously stepping up the veggie side of things and I like meals feeling more balanced in that area.

I know we're running low since I've been away and I've been too lazy to swing by the nearby groceries that are a little off my route home but not terribly so. There's still honestbee as a great home delivery option but I keep forgetting to order plus they recently increased their minim for free delivery and I'm still playing with the numbers in my head as to how that might work out. I had enjoyed almost weekly deliveries with the lower minimum and now it has pushed just past the comfortable level. It's a minor problem and one that shouldn't be a big issue and so I just need to make the time for things.

Once again I'm writing all this down in this blog as a reminder to myself to stop making excuses and focus on finding solutions. Just have to get it done.