02549: Getting Back on the Horse

It is unfortunately easy to "cheat" on any dieting efforts. And it's not even like Tobie and I are being highly rigid with ourselves - we're trying to moderate our meals better and make smarter choices. But things happen.

My one week in Singapore and not having to do my own cooking made the return home feel like an uphill climb. Throw in a lovely buffet dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday further complicated things as I went home nicely full and a little lazy about cooking. Bad, Rocky. And this was despite having some roast chicken that Tobie had prepared the other night.

Tonight I was tempted to just cook rice for tomorrow to have with the chicken and then order out for dinner. There was the small compromise of ordering vegetarian-friendly food from the likes of Hummus Elijah, but of course the trade-off would have been a lot of carbs from the pita bread.

I kick myself for having even considered that option, but hey I'm only human. In the end I managed to force myself to get back in motion and prepared a quick Quorn based meal for tomorrow's lunch while having baked some sweet potatoes to have with the chicken. I cooked rice for tomorrow but then decided to prepare some buttered peas and corn to go with the chicken as well.

Dinner was good and we avoided rice at least. We didn't finish all of the corn and peas, which is fair, and I still have two more baked sweet potatoes for a future meal. And my conscience feels a heck of a lot better. But of course tomorrow is going to be another battle.