02548: Family Time

Just got home from a birthday dinner for Mom. She opted to celebrate with a buffet meal at the Shangri-la so I made sure to drop by the condo earlier with gifts in tow. I had a full bag of stuff from Singapore that my sister had secured and I added the almost traditional bouquet of flowers. For a change of pace, I wanted to add something on top of the flowers and ended up with some lovely stuff from TWG.

Walking to the condo may not have been the best of ideas as the weight of all the things resulted in above average strain for my out-of-shape physique. So I sweat through my shirt by the time I got to the condo and had to borrow something else to wear for dinner. But hey when in BGC, you gotta walk right? As minor redemption, I didn't sweat as much walking to and from the Shangri-la so it was really more about all the stuff I had been carrying.

It was a good dinner including my sister calling in from Singapore because we're digital that way. Food was good and despite best efforts at pacing I feel like I had eaten too much and yet had not sampled enough, as strange as that sounds. Isn't it always that way with buffets, I guess?

It was a good Sunday. And now the work week looms ahead. And despite all that, all I can really think about is that I'd kill for a massage right now, haha