02545: Manila Just Around The Corner

Desserts at Fat Lulu's
So there's one more work day to deal with and at the same time one last day in Singapore as part of this trip. It's been a crazy yet productive work week so far and once again I find myself wondering how the time passed so quickly. But it feels this way with any Singapore trip I take, especially the work-related ones over the course of the past year or so. Life's funny that way.

After work we had a great dinner at a place called Fat Lulu's, which was pretty much along our route home. As hipstery as some of the menu items seemed, the food was legitimately good and made for a great dining experience. We enjoyed everything we ordered and the whole experience was just lovely. It's a good thing we found time to have a nice dinner like this as I do fly home tomorrow night.

I'm taking a red eye flight home to Manila past two in the morning so I'll probably aim to be at the airport before midnight. I doubt I'll get much shopping done there but at least I'll be able to sleep during the flight home. Then hopefully landing at six in the morning will mean dealing with minimal traffic to get home.