02544: Wednesday Stress Shake Off

Tonight's tomahawk steak
So today was quite busy given a number of tasks to attend to so I ended up not leaving the office at all for the whole day. We're juggling a number of initiatives at work (as always) and thus no day is complete without having your brain cycle through several clients as you address concerns one by one.

There are still some items that remain urgent even this late in the evening and I'm trying not to get too stressed over things. Work is work but work is also JUST work and it's easy to forget that in the heat of the moment. I had myself a little lie down upon getting back to the house just to read, nap a bit and generally decongest as best as I could before dinner. It made for a world of difference.

It also helped that my sister cooked an amazing dinner with a tomahawk steak as the centerpiece of sorts. The huge rib bone makes for amazing presentation value and the actual ribeye meat remains delicious.

And just like that the bulk of the week is over and soon I'll be flying home to Manila. Crazy times.