02543: Singapore Meet-Ups

Singapore is a busy play where most if not all of my friends in the country are pretty busy with their respective jobs. And I don't presume to think that people can easily make time to meet up with me whenever I'm in town nor is it ever easy to find time to meet people given my own schedule. This was already true for the leisure trips that Tobie and I would take and it's doubly true now for my work-related trips.

So I do value when friends are able to go out of their way to meet me and I try to make sure the time isn't wasted as best as possible. I try not to feel bad when people say they want to meet but never seem to figure out the logistics of such meetings but of course I'm only human and at times a bit of a cranky old introvert on top off everything else. Thus valuing meeting with friends does not mean I expect to always meet up with friends.

But there will always be those friends that are worth the effort of making time for, even if your conversations feel like a repeat of the sort of shade you throw over private messages on social media.