02542: Certification Stress

So the main reason for this trip was to go through a certification process for Facebook's Marketing Partners program. Instead of an online test like what Google Partners does, this one required in-person participation at the Facebook Singapore office as this round of testing was sponsored by our Facebook rep. There were a good number of us from the office who went for the test and all of our reviewing over the past weeks was going to be put to the test.

Long story short, I passed the exams and I'm glad that's over. Certification is good for a year so I'll just worry about re-testing come 2018. And now the office also met certification requirement as far as number of certified individuals, so already this trip is successful as far as I'm concerned.

I'm glad that it's over since I was stressing about it so much over the past few weeks. Now I just have to get through the work week and all the meetings I'll be able to join in since I'm in town. Good times.