02541: Semi-Productive Singapore Sunday

It's hard to remain productive during the weekend since your brain has been conditioned to make the most of this time to relax after any busy work week. And yet I timed this particular trip in such a way that we'd still allocate a good part of the weekend to work. As much as I had lost most of Saturday travel, more of the load rested on today.

To be fair, I'm not exactly a crammer and I've used a better part of the work week to get mostly done with my review for tomorrow's certification.  Today I finished a few more courses and took the practice tests. I did okay but not at all exceptional (nor as terrible as feared) and that has helped me feel a bit more prepared. Then again I have no idea what the final test format is going to be like and that's going to drive me bonkers all night. Perhaps I'll squeeze  in more review time tonight to see how far I can push things.

On the flip side we did make time today for a rather indulgent dimsum brunch and I once again spent too much at Books Kinokuniya because why not, right? In terms of my usual Singapore checklist I just have to worry about making time to visit Paradigm Infinitum to complete my usual rounds. And since I fly home during the wee hours of Saturday morning, I really need to make sure my bases are covered.

Still, we're off to a good start for this trip. I just need to make sure things go well tomorrow.