02540: Hello Again, Singapore

Travel out of NAIA continues to be my main source of stress when traveling and it acts as an odd reminder of why Tobie and I don't travel as much as hoped. You can show up more than three hours before your flight and spend a better part of two hours just queuing for this or that. It wouldn't be so bad if you're moving the whole time but a lot of the queuing is wasted waiting for people to show up and do their job. And since I typically end up at NAIA lacking sleep since one needs to leave extra early in  order to avoid the horrors of Metro Manila traffic, travel can get me rather cranky.

And then you get to airports like Changi and the experience just pivots completely and all the more you wonder why we can't seem to get it right back at home. I feel like I literally just walked through the airport and easily took a quick Skytrain ride to the next terminal to meet up with my sister. Inter-terminal transfer is a nightmare back home that involves shuttles that are never on-time and a need to wade in the horrific traffic in the area. Why Manila, why?

And thus I keep up the sad tradition of losing my first day to travel. First there's the actual travel. Then there's being so tired from travel that you end up sleeping away most of the day. I woke up again for dinner and now I'm way too full to go back to sleep so best to keep awake a bit. I still lack sleep but I should complete my internal course corrections by tomorrow in time for work come Monday.