0253D: Non-Profitable Blogging

So I've been blogging for a better part of 14 years now and I've definitely spent more on my blogs than I've ever made from them. There were a few fun review projects I got tapped for that gave us a few headphones and phone cases but there hasn't been much else. I could try to put a price tag on all the advanced reading copies (ARCs) of books that I've received but I have to admit that it's less of a blogging thing and more of an Amazon thing based on the common types of independent authors that reach out to me.

I have had AdSense active on my blogs for at least 8 years or so initially as experiment with the platform. But I never really crossed into the "pro-blogging" world of focusing on optimizing my sites for making money since my blogging remains to be more leisure writing and I didn't want  to muddy things up with that sort of a mindset. It may seem like such a waste, especially given I continue to pay for the domains that I've purchased for them, but it's still an activity that gives me some degree of fulfillment.

And AdSense revenue seems even slower than before - just goes to show that people don't really read blogs as much as they used or along with the fact that most people employ ad blockers to avoid being subjected to advertising. It's a tough life but hey that's how it all works out. Since I don't specialize and I write more about what I want to write about, the writing remains enjoyable and not like another job. I've yet to find a singular topic that I want to focus on although maybe all this tabletop gaming may end up in a direction of that sort. Who knows, right? But for now, the crazy blogging continues.

No regrets. Just words.