0253C: Travel Preparations Again

So formal, Jetstar
I was reviewing my advertising preferences for both Google and Facebook and laughed a bit at the fact that I'm classified as a traveler. To be fair, I have been going back and forth between here and Singapore for work and not much else. I haven't been to any other country other than Singapore sine 2007 and it's unlikely that will change any time soon.

I'm flying to Singapore again this Saturday and naturally I find myself squeezing in various tasks both at home and at work. While I'll only be away for a week, it's also around the time between months and thus bills come in, things need to get signed and all that fun stuff. At home it means getting laundry done so I have clothes to bring and Tobie has stuff to wear while I'm out of the country. I'll setup a grocery delivery during the week and see what I can do to make sure that Tobie still has food to eat or at least stuff he can prepare should he feel the urge to cook.

And thus today after work Tobie and I agreed to meet at SM Aura as it was a convenient enough place to get a lot done. I had to drop off some jeans to get patched, bought new contact lenses, bought the silly Christmas gifts for the office arrangement with the team to start. Then Tobie arrived just in time for us to get haircuts together at Bruno's. We finished a little too late to eat there so we ended up at a nearby Japanese place that we've really come to love as of late.

Now I have another load of laundry running with more clothes in need of folding. I should relax as there's still plenty of time left but then I've made stressing out and worrying a coping mechanism over the years and I've yet to shake that off.