0253B: Not Fully Meat-Free

Since we started being more disciplined about our eating last week I've managed to shave off four pounds, which is always a good thing. We have a long way to go but I think the changes we've start to make are definitely steps in the right direction. And I'm going full steam ahead with more and more Quorn in our cooking with some fish and chicken supporting on the side from time to time. But really, Quorn remains the big driver as more of our eating is meat-free.

The fact that Quorn doesn't take much time to cook is a big plus and it's pretty easy to work with even starting from frozen. There's something about the mycoprotein I guess that helps it defrost a lot quicker than actual meat. And quicker cooking times work really well during the work week when it's easier to get too tired to cook after a long day. Things are easy enough that I can't make excuses since the bare minimum is throwing some nuggets into the GoChef to bake a bit.

As much as I've been eager to try the other products in the Quorn range not typically available locally, the core products of chunks and mince really are the more practical options. The other stuff feels closer to buying hotdogs and other easy preparation foods while the chunks and mince really test your versatility. At this point I think the product I'm looking for are their chicken style fillets (which still aren't in the country) as I'd like to see how they respond to like baking and broiling and such.

Just gotta keep pushing. And experimenting. And putting in the work.