0253A: Eight Years With Tobie

It was our 8th anniversary together last Friday and our weekend was in a way a celebration of a lot of what has defined our life together.

Friday night we played board games with friends. The mix of a group of veteran players and a new one and it was fun to balance thing out so that everyone still had fun. As much as I had played board games with my family while growing up, it was thanks to Tobie that tabletop gaming became a really important part of my life.

Saturday night we went to O Bar because they were holding a Broadway-themed night with many drag performances celebrating different shows. We were joined by Niki who was kind of enough to make time. Before Tobie I generally to Bed while it was still around since our group of friends went to Bed. But Tobie changed that by introducing me to the magic of O Bar and that has redefined the sort of clubbing oriented part of my life.

Today we watched the Repertory Philippines production of Hair and it was pretty fun. We also enjoyed some lovely pho before the show and had some hearty ramen after. That dinner pretty much knocked Tobie out once we got home and it's cool since he needs the rest. I guess today represented things that I've shared with him in turn. My love for theater drives a lot of these regular shows that we watch. And the diversity of my eating allowed me fun moments in our relationship including when I first introduced him to the joys of Vietnamese cuisine.

We didn't have a big fancy dinner like we had sort of talked about as something we could have done over the weekend. We didn't go travel to some far-flung place nor did we setup a staycation at some hotel. And we didn't even try to go watch a movie. But this weekend was 100% us and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you, Tobie. Each year just gets better and better. And I am a better man in turn because of all that you do for me, all that you share with me, and all that you inspire in me.