02538: Feeding Gamers

So it's a game night and we didn't order out for food. Since I was eager to cook vegetables at risk of perishing in the fridge, I ended up cooking two dishes and offered one to share with our gamer guests.

I cooked a meat free Mexican Relish using Quorn and a regular batch of chicken tinola. The Relish will be our meals for the weekend, which feels suitably special for the anniversary weekend. Ironically I didn't even have some tonight as relish really goes best with rice and we're trying to avoid rice at night.

Everyone had some of the tinola and I even cooked some  brown rice for those looking for rice. Tobie and I had our soup without rice and it was still nicely hearty since I loaded up on chicken breast fillets and heart papaya. Thankfully our honestbee order included a rather large papaya so there was enough to go around.

Maybe I should get into the habit of cooking for game nights. I tend to cook large batches of food anyway so it's a cheaper, healthier option to ordering fast food.

Ideas. And it was a good dinner. But for now the games continue!