02537: Quornspiration

In light of yesterday's weight-related grumbling, I made a few quick changes in routine to shift things in the right direction. First, I had picked up several bags of peanuts for general snacking and brought one to work to help eliminate my tendency to raid the office pantry for chips and cookies. I've been drinking more whenever I feel snackish to help me feel a bit more full.Then I mapped out a somewhat longer route home in order to get more walking in every day. And I worked out an agreement with Tobie to help me avoid rice after 6pm.

So today's route home included passing through High Street and I figured it was a good idea to pass by Marketplace at Central Square to pick up a few items not available on Honestbee and hoping to restock on Quorn. What I wasn't expecting was to find several new Quorn products that I haven't see in stock in any local groceries, which is sort of ironic since I had once complained that this grocery was one of the few that never seemed to have Quorn for me during my tour of BGC supermarkets.

The core line that Quorn initially launched in the Philippines consisted of their chunks, ground meat and their nuggets. The chunks are like a bland white chicken meat in terms of texture and go well in any dish that you'd normally use chicken or even fish in. They don't add flavor on their own so you'll need to season accordingly or consider stock if you really need that kick. The ground meat definitely has the mouth feel of ground pork or beef and have nice resistance, too. Again seasoning isn't strong but it works great in stir fry or pasta sauces. Then the nuggets are pretty genius and I've committed not to order any more McDonald's chicken nuggets given Quorn is the ready substitute for those cravings. And these three items don't take more than 10 or so minutes to cook even from frozen, which kind of boggles the mind. I still add a few more minutes when I try baking them in the GoChef.

The new products that I picked up today are mostly various patties and fillets of different types and the bonus of the Swedish-style meatballs. For dinner we baked the Southern Style Burgers and they were pretty good but I didn't get a strong Southern flavor feel to them. Now they're more like turkey burger patties and not beef burger patties so it's sort of like eating a giant chicken nugget but it does taste different. Not sure if I'd go out of my way to order these but it makes for a nice quick meal alternative to things like hotdogs or canned meat and other things in the short order cooking world.

And any opportunity to cut out meat in favor of Quorn feels like a good idea.

The big question is how we'll survive our game nights since we tend to order food to share with everyone since I'm not a big fan of cooking for guests since I get nervous as heck about it. And it's not like I'd collect money for good I'd share since for fast food we split the bill. So yeah, I need to think about that. Or just order food for the guests and end up eating other stuff.