02535: Zombie Divination

After work hours (although I worked from home today because of ASEAN), we played a session of Jim Pinto's Praxis: Of The Flesh, an unusual RPG where players portray sentient zombies. It was a one-shot game for  some younger players and we ended up with quite the quirky story. But hey, it was good fun and a nice way to spend the evening. I'm thankful that Tobie was able to arrange this game given his ASEAN holiday.

Work remains productive and I feel like there are so many report requests starting to come into my pipeline. I suppose this shouldn't surprise me as I tend to handle a lot of the analytics but it does feel like an above average  number of requests. I guess it's that time of the year when people focus on their productivity and have to justify their budgets and processes.

One more work from home day tomorrow then it's back to normal for everyone come Thursday. Definitely thankful that we don't live in Cubao anymore.