02532: Gaming Perseverance

Despite the traffic madness of the ASEAN routing scheme, we still left the Sietch in the name gaming. This month's FGTC board game session is at the Discovery Suites, which I know more as our old holiday haunt for family staycations. The place looks better than I remember it and we certainly have enough space for some serious gaming.

The traffic was painful but not quite as crazy as feared, but traffic is only going to get worse during the actual ASEAN days next week. Thankfully we'll be at home at the Sietch during this period, albeit I'll still have work to handle. Tonight's drive felt a lot like our old drives home to Cubao when we still lived there. Totally don't miss that time.

We're totally going to make the most of this game night as we don't have games scheduled for tomorrow. Plus the venue is nice so why rush right?