02531: Star Wars Battles

So I'm giving Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes since collecting things can be fun and the animated element of the game makes it a bit more interesting than Star Trek: Timelines. It's a little weird how they refer to both of these games as RPGs as it's not like I feel there's that much of a story (particularly for Star Wars) or an actual role-playing  element. But I guess the core combat system has a bit of a console RPG feel. The game certainly involves a heck of a lot of grinding.

On a similar note I commented on the addition of the main Star Wars movies to the iflix library recently, which immediately led to me skipping through the movies to re-watch major battle scenes. My relationship with Star Wars as a franchise often celebrates the big space battles and ground assault situations but really this comprises a small part of the movie franchise as a whole. A little disappointing realization.

Then again the books of the old Expanded Universe (now Star Wars Legends) made up for this in a great way, especially the military focused books like the X-Wing series. And that really cemented my love for this aspect to things I guess. It's just funny how minute positive memories can get blown out of proportion when viewed in hindsight.