0252C: Thinking About Travel Again and Again and Again

For the past two years all of my travel has been work-related or tied to family (or both). This isn't a bad thing of course - travel is still travel - but I do feel the fact that Tobie and I haven't been visiting new places together.

There were a lot of factors that led to this situation of course. Yoshi's sickness last year took up most of our time and resources and that required that one of us remain with Yoshi while the other left for trips. The second half of the year was focused more on emotional and financial recovery after Yoshi's passing.

This year was busy with the move to BGC and adjusting to the shift in our finances because of it. We also had a steady stream of games keeping our gaming calendar busy and some great plays debuted as well. So a lot of things have kept us at home instead of exploring the world.

A lot of posts by friends have made me a little envious of their trips to Japan and it feels like a LOT of folks decided to travel to Japan in recent weeks. It's definitely a place that we want to explore, although we're quite intimidated with the potential costs of such a trip. Tobie and I definitely want to see places like the Studio Ghibli Museum and perhaps Universal Studios Japan given their Harry Potter segment.

Other friends always recommend Hong Kong, but I think Tobie and I would only end up eating there. I'm not sure what else we'd do there in terms of tourist attractions, but we'll see how things go. If we're just talking about food, then maybe I'd want to visit Vietnam, but again I don't know what else we'd do there.

Where to go? What to do there? How much money should we set aside? We keep getting stuck in this cycle of questions without coming to immediate answers.