02513: Engagement =/= Truth

Sorry, but this post keeps going around social media and it bothers me to no end whenever I encounter it. And this is not the first time that metrics are being used to prove the strangest of things by these pro-Duterte personalities (please stop generally calling them "bloggers" as most do not have actual websites).

Facebook Page Likes and even Engagement numbers are largely vanity metrics. They look impressive on a report but for most businesses on Facebook, they are meaningless to your bottom line. From a corporate perspective, page likes or engagement does not translate into sales. Both page likes and engagement can be purchased through post boosts and other such efforts. And thus it's easy to skew numbers in your favor by timely boosting.

Engagement doesn't even translate into confirmation of having really read or processed the contents of a post. The typical definition of engagement is Likes, Reactions, Comments, Shares and Video Views lumped together. You can like a post as you quickly scroll through your feed but it doesn't really say anything about the quality of the content or can be used as an indicator of support for anything on social media. Usage differs from person to person, across age groups and other factors. There's no one direct indicator.

And for someone who prides herself to be an intellectual to resort to such a low-brow argument to figure out who "won" in an exchange in a Senate hearing is just annoying base and nothing more than trying to pander to a certain demographic?

I wonder if anyone has taken the time to use paid social media analysis tools to get any good data on the Facebook pages of these pro-Duterte individuals. What patterns might we see, eh?