0250F: Non-Moving Travel Plans

Right before getting into our 7th Sea game night for today the conversation with our friends shifted to a trip to Japan. This funnily connected with my conversation with my insurance agent as she had also asked me if I had travel plans. And at this point I have to admit that my Singapore trips are really more work trips that happen to involve family and not really leisure trips anymore..

There are few places that Tobie and I have the some desire to visit. The US is always there mainly for Tobie's family and the many, many friends he has made in the gaming industry. Japan is also on that list as there are so many aspects of Japanese culture that we love and places we want to see like the Studio Ghibli Museum.

Hong Kong has yet to make it to our list of places where we want to go for some reason as we're not super into non-geeky shopping and thus we don't know what else to do there.

But we're home bodies who are perfectly comfy at home and happy to spend our money on more board games, Transformers and other things that stay at home. So that's a tricky combination there. We keep saying we'll resume travel again but then it's so hard to get around to mapping things out, figuring out an itinerary and a budget.