0250D: Cooking Lethargy

Work has been a little crazy this week, hence work-focused blog posts like yesterday's AdWords ramble, so I was feeling a little out of sorts. The lunch I had prepared for work today was pretty much the bottom of the barrel as I resorted to the Quorn nuggets that I keep on hand precisely for emergencies.

When I arrived back home today I was totally not in the mood to cook. My work day had ended with a 2 hour conference call and those are always pretty draining and we still had a bunch of other things to juggle at the same time. I was THIS close to ordering out for dinner and maybe a little extra to use as lunch for tomorrow but I didn't and ended up with a quick Quorn ala King dish.

Quorn, as strange as it seems to most, it's actually annoying convenient to work with. I literally cooked it from frozen but it became pretty flexible and I mainly regret that we don't have the other Quorn products over here versus other markets but let's see how things go. And as much as the 200g bag is smaller than what I'd normally work with in terms of meat quantities but I'm learning to work with it

And man, I have developed an odd need to smother Quorn products in vegetables for some reason. Good times.