0250A: The Rickiest Finale Doesn't Mean Morty

So after a pretty busy work day Monday, Tobie and I sat down to watch the season 3 finale of Rick and Morty. And always, it was quite a doozy. It's pretty amazing how much we've come to enjoy this show given its subtle brilliance hidden beneath some really foul language and various forms of substance abuse.

But this finally stresses something that we have known for a while now - the show supposes there are infinite realities and our presumed protagonists have been able to travel between those realities at will. But the way they did it just beats the audience with a hammer saying that well, nothing is certain and perhaps everyone and everything is just a copy or an echo of another version of things.

If only Star Trek: Discovery would give  me this same level of amazement on a consistent basis. The jury's still out on that one and I don't think we'll have a firm grasp of the show's crew/cast dynamic for another two episodes maybe. And it's a little annoying to wait that long.