02523: Too Many Games?

With Tobie's purchases today at ESGS, we now have at least 275 board games in the Sietch collection. This does not count a few game still awaiting shipping from the US or the additional Carcassonne mini-expansions that I literally ordered on Amazon less than 24 hours ago. Games are the gift that keep on giving.

Beyond our efforts to avoid seeing former friends that we don't want to see, the sheer size of our board game collection has become the main reason why we don't bother to go to board game cafes anymore. We appreciate them and have nothing against them but when you have this many games, you've pretty much become the gaming cafe, in a manner of speaking. Why pay to play games elsewhere when you can have more fun in the comfort of your own home without the background noise of strangers playing to distract you?

Of course a collection this size is hard to manage in terms of both storage and making sure we get our money's worth. As is the challenge for any collector, there comes a point when there just isn't enough time to give enough love and care to all parts of your collection and so you run the risk of feeling like you may have wasted money at some point. And thus for the most part we make sure to focus on games we already like or know that we'll like based on reviews we've read/watched online or games from designers we already trust.

I'm just glad that this isn't a hobby that is only Tobie's or only mine - it's a shared collection that we enjoy together and probably acts more like a marriage dowry of sorts. Or I'm just being silly.