02521: Quorn Assimilation

Well, I may have gone too far with the Quorn. Given the limited variety of Quorn products in the country (Nuggets, Chunks, and Mince), I've been experimenting with their use in a wide variety of dishes. Recently I decided to try flavor mixes from Prima Taste to see what sort of dishes we'd end up with and I think I hit peak laziness as a Prima Taste Mix + Quorn means you end up with dish before the rice has come to a proper boil.

But today I've finally tried to integrate Quorn into one of our more central dishes in the menu and Tobie's favorite - Mexican Relish. Normally I use a mix of ground beef and ground lean pork but today I swapped out the beef for Quorn. I still threw in a beef cube for a more flavorful sauce base and to make up for the change in ingredients. I'm glad that it still turned out okay and Tobie didn't realize that I had used Quorn at all, so I guess mission successful?

Quorn may be taking over my life - or at least a fair amount of our cooking, haha