0251E: For The Love Of Tabletop Gaming

We've been playing a lot of Terraforming Mars recently, which is a little ironic since we don't actually own a copy of the game. We've held off buying one since we have a copy of First Martians still waiting to be shipped from the US. But since Tobie's officemate has a copy of the game, the option to borrow it for game nights has been most interesting. And I have to admit, I totally get why it's such a highly-rated game.

The board game collection at the Sietch already consists of over 260 titles including expansions. And yet great new games keep coming along to pique our geek interests even more. And we tend to be very purchase first, figure out storage after in terms of our decision-making. And I have no regrets in this area - just happy that Tobie and I share this hobby and we certainly celebrate it proudly.

And we continue to try and introduce the gaming hobby to other people we meet through social media or other channels. It may seem weird to most how eager we are to "sell" people on the joys of playing board games, but it's a hobby we firmly support and want to push further.

And really the true goal is to get more people committed enough to tabletop gaming and thus later on more open to playing RPGs as well. And that's the real advocacy that drives a lot our gaming efforts when you get down to it. Just doing our part to keep the gaming hobby alive.