0251D: Reading Progress

So last night we didn't have any games scheduled nor did we feel quite up to heading out to O Bar or similar locations. Instead we enjoyed a quieter night at home that included me cooking another Quorn meal for dinner and lots of Netflix-derived entertainment. The bulk of the night was spent finishing the second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend but we also watched more Shark Tank and this week's episode of Will & Grace.

More interesting was how we spent a fair amount of last night just reading. Tobie decided to get back up to speed with Saga while I had my own set of books to deal with and it made for a quieter night. But I really appreciated it since I did want to catch up on my reading efforts for the year. I'm only trying to match last year's effort of 300 titles but with luck perhaps I can push for 350 if I keep pace. Earlier in the year I was a good 32 books ahead of goal but real life obligations got in the way of things. So I'm glad that I'm still ahead of the curve.

Today we have a lengthy Pendragon RPG session that has us all portraying knights in the time of Uther Pendragon. It's definitely one off the more thematic games in our RPG line-up at the moment and it's quite an experience. I just wish I had better mastery of the legends and lore of the period. It would make for more seamless conversation.