0251A: Home-Based Festival of Lights Wednesday

Today is Deepavali or Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. It's celebrated as a holiday in Singapore given the significant Hindu population there but not over here. So as I mentioned before it was ended up being one of those weird mid-week holidays that usually mean me staying home and not much else.

And yes, I didn't leave the house today. #Adulting

Despite sleeping late the night before watching various shows and perhaps a little too much Crazy Ex-Girlfriend I still woke up at my usual work time and proceeded to get some work done. I worked until my usual lunchtime and ended taking a nice nap that really felt good.

Then I woke up for more work, more Netflix and some pizza.

A holiday well-spent. Sure it's about the ultimate victory of light over darkness but feeling good at the end of the day sort of counts, right?