02518: Weirder Week

This week is starting out rather random. Today is the first day of a two-day transport strike by PISTON as they protest the Jeepney modernization program. They claim that successfully crippled transportation in several areas including 90% of Metro Manila while the LTFRB claims otherwise. Despite this the government had preemtively suspended government work and school across the country in line with the nationwide protest.

On the work front we have a good number of things that we need to get done this week but Wednesday is also being observed as the holiday of Deepavali in Singapore so it means we won't have work. It's another strange mid-week holiday that isn't all that useful for inviting friends over for gaming or going to O Bar so I'll probably just get more work done while at home.

I might also need to meet my insurance agent on Wednesday as I'm finalizing papers for a new insurance policy. So that'll be a funny factor in my Wednesday.

No game on Friday (yet) and not sure if we'd be up to going to O Bar. Tobie has to go south for family stuff and we're not sure when to schedule that. And all these other little minor complications of life.