02516: Water Logged

So it's been raining for most of today. On the brighter side of things it has meant a generally cooler day and beautifully emo city scenes. On the other hand, it means more traffic during an already crazy pay day weekend in Metro Manila, thus making it harder to get around. And thus fast food delivery services are overloaded with orders from people who don't want to leave the house. Plus it makes one very guilty to make such delivery orders or even hire home service massage therapists since it's terrible to make people travel during this weather.

Tobie and I gamed with friends all night despite the general lack of sleep from our flat tire situation the night prior. It was a lot of fun but it also means that we woke up today still feeling all the aches and pains and general weariness from our efforts to change the tire in the dark with other cars buzzing by. Tobie's pain is mostly in his shoulders and my right arm and leg still feel sore from working the tire iron in any way possible.

We still have a birthday celebration to get to almost entirely across town and I'm not looking forward to that trek down. But such are the things that we do for friends as they have traveled for us in the past and so we shall travel as well.

At least Tobie has a car, hahaha