02507: Weekend Sprint

September has been quite a crazy month and now it's time to make up for all that with some good times. But we have may scheduled a bit too many things this weekend to the point that there will be some stress involved in order to get from commitment to commitment.

Tonight we hope to push through with a marathon Pandemic Legacy gaming session. Before tired to game once a month, but then scheduling for the group got a little complicated. In order to make up for lost time we've committed to do our best to play as many games tonight to hopefully get caught up to "September" in the game, or perhaps finish the full year if we're that efficient. It's a little unlikely as our last game was back in April so it'll take 5 perfect games to even get to September. And with our budget already limited as of the last  game session, I suspect our team will have a difficult time to get through things unscathed.

Tomorrow we had to double book in order to accommodate a limited-run play of a friend of ours. So despite knowing that we'll be up all night fighting diseases, we'll have to get to Cubao for the matinee at 03:00pm. Then we'll rush back south to BGC for a board game night with one of our regular groups and that will last all night once more.

Sunday we have another play scheduled all the way at Solaire. It's the classic musical The Sound of Music and we got it as part of a bundle discount offer as a regular Ticket World purchaser. With luck I'll also be able to squeeze in time to play some Diablo III with my brother. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and I'm also foolishly hoping to somehow finish seasons 2-4 of Stargate SG-1 this weekend since iflix is pulling it out of their library come Monday. It's a ridiculous goal that requires two full days of viewing without eating or sleeping but if I can finish up to Season 3 that might be a feat in itself.

Fingers and toes crossed. We'll survive this weekend somehow.