02502: Tobie Time

So we didn't have any games or plays scheduled for today so we opted to reserve the day for quality time. And I promise, we actually left the house this time.

We slept in and left the Sietch after lunch. We went around to our usual places of interest along High Street, which are really just Hobbes & Landes and of course Fully Booked. We queued up for Irvins Salted Egg chips and had a decent pho lunch at P.H.A.T. Pho, but I doubt we'll go back anytime soon. We walked over to SM Aura and caught an afternoon screening of Kingsman: The Golden Circle and enjoyed it a lot. And then we swung by the supermarket to restock on Quorn, as I'm still enjoying keeping it on hand for meal preparations.

I could probably dress that up more but it sees simple enough. And it's in the simple moments that one derives the most enjoyment, really. Some of the best moments of the day included Tobie surprising me with our last pack of Oreo Thins while watching the movie and just the odd goofy grins and expressions we shared throughout the afternoon.

Slower days like these are pretty important in any relationships.