02501: We All Need a Good Laugh

Soft Flash Phone Selfie
So after all the craziness of last night, we decided to hit O Bar for some light drinks and fabulous drag shows. We didn't put effort into inviting friends as the decision to go out was rather late and the rains had certainly made travel more difficult. But O Bar being O Bar there were other friends already there as where else would they be on a Friday night? O Bar is a home for many of us after all.

I was a great night, as is often the case. One can never tell where conversations might end up at while at the bar but I can mainly remember laughing most heartily at just about anything we ended up talking about and that was precisely what was needed.

Beyond tonight's 7th Sea game, we don't have any other games set or the weekend, so we'll see  how that will go. There might be other folks who end up being available to drop by the Sietch or what have you but I'm okay either way. A lot of good rest and relaxation is certainly in order.

Have a good weekend, everyone.