02500: Stress Relief at the Sietch

So yesterday was one of those crazy days when one thing led to another and then I ended up needing to stay awake for more than 24 hours to see a client project through to the end. It was a arduous and stressful and yet but the end of it all it was such a relief that we got through things.

Over the years I've become more vocal about coping with stress. No wait that's wrong - I've become more vocal when I'm trying to deal with stress. I don't know if that's necessarily better or worse but I guess it has some benefits versus keeping it all bottled up inside.

Tobie is my pillar of strength in moments like this. I hate when stress makes me irritable since it become hard to think and I can be hungry but at a loss as to what to cook for dinner. Tobie stepped in last night t get us good food to eat knowing that I wouldn't be able to answer the classic "what do you want" question when it comes to settling meal plans. I know I was being a bit of a menace and difficult to deal with and yet Tobie soldiered one and just tried to keep me from going totally off the deep end.

Things are more settled now and the weekend can begin in earnest. We actually got massages just now through a call-out therapist. We're heading out to O Bar later tonight to be with friends and to enjoy more of the fabulousness of the O Divas and the other performers who are regularly at the bar.

Here's to a good weekend.