02496: Adventures with Quorn

So last week I experimented with the various Quorn products available locally and the results were pretty interesting. Quorn's main claim to fame is how the texture is ridiculously close to meat. Yes, it's more expensive than actual meat and it's hard to explain what Mycoprotein is beyond somehow being a fermented fungus product, but it's still pretty fascinating.

We're not becoming vegetarian, obviously. Not to stumble into an obvious cheeky pun, but Tobie and I love meat too much to go that far. But it is part of a larger effort to see what changes we can make for healthier eating.

Now some might argue that Quorn is too weird to be healthy, hence my silly joke response to questions about what Quorn is made of being, "SCIENCE" still works. But for now it is yet another processed food product that hopes to find a place in your home. But as far as meat substitutes go, it's quite impressive.

I'm not quite a Quorn advocate just yet, but I am investing time, effort, and resources into putting the product through its paces. And it's fun and new so I guess that's fueling some of my excitement. But more than incorporating Quorn into our diet, I'm also trying to make sure that I also increase our vegetable intake instead of just relying on it as a standalone meat-like product. Hopefully the added roughage will contribute to an improvement in our general level of wellness.

The real miracle would be if I get our Yoga plans off the ground. Oh life.