02497: And All The Men And Women Merely Players

The Movement Against Tyranny is a new coalition of multisectoral groups that formed last month to call for an end to drug killings and the “tyranny and fascism” of the administration. Reports indicate that the group includes a good number of Leftist / communist groups, which naturally has a lot of folks wary. After all, many of these same groups counted themselves as Duterte's supporters during the campaign period and were singing his praises given his early cabinet appointments. And they're calling for a national protest on September 21, the same ad we tend to mark as the anniversary of the Martial Law declaration under Ferdinand Marcos.

After last week's "remote possibility of martial law" jitters, the President has now declared September 21 as...a day of protest? So it's sort of not a working day for government offices and there will be no school but it also means that if you don't go to work, you won't get paid as it's not a holiday?

September 21 has also been declared as this year's third nationwide simultaneous earthquake drill by the NDRRMC for god knows what reason. It totally makes sense to have an earthquake drill on a national day of protest. What could go wrong right?

So many moves and it feels like a lot of folks are prepared for a mean guess of checkers but the Administration has been playing chess. And they control the board so no amount of ranting and wailing will get them to agree to shift the rules to favor a checkers game.