02494: Heroic Friday

Tonight is perhaps our penultimate RPG session for our on-going superhero game. We hope to wrap things up this month as we're already getting started on other games including a 7th Sea game run by our friend Flip and the Pendragon game we started last week. It's exciting when games are in a state of flux.

It's also exciting since this game is going to get a proper ending. It was a bit of a near-miss since the original gaming group had collapsed due to "creative differences" - let's all take a moment to laugh at that bullshit. Anyway, after some time Tobie and I found the nerve to return to the game and we roped in a new player to complete the group. It's not quite the same story but it's sort of a re-imagining of the original adventure with a number of twists to keep things new for us, which is awesome!

And now it's time to give this story a proper ending. And it is glorious. And I'm glad that we're getting a proper super hero adventure with no questionable characters and what I hope will be an awesome ending.