02493: The Cooking Hump

It's interesting how the stormy rainy weather of a few days prior quickly gave way to super bright and sunny weather right after. It coincided with when I resumed walking to work after using Uber during the rainier days and so it make for quite the stark change.

Thursday nights are a bit of a challenge on the domestic cooking front for one reason or another. I guess it doesn't help that my Monday and Tuesday night cooking helped carry us through the first few days of the week and now I need to prepare food to get us to home plate. It's naturally a lot easier to just order out but that's not ideal in the greater scheme of things.

Typically I'd cook something for dinner and then that would become our lunch the next day but today I was feeling really lazy so I dug up the last of the frozen Mexican Relish that I had frozen for Tobie prior to my last Singapore trip. I had also cooked rice the other night so that sort of addressed everything that we needed for dinner.

But that still hasn't solved tomorrow's lunch problem. So instead of blogging I should actually cook something, but I'm not quite feeling up to it. That's probably not an excuse (I know it isn't) and I should should prepare something.

My daily struggle, ladies and gentlemen.