02490: Re-Thinking Our Menus

During my Singapore trip, I was pretty impressed by how my sister and her husband (that phrase still feels weird for some reason) have stuck to their ketogenic diet for over a month now. Eliminating most carbs from your life is no joke and figuring out a balance that works instead isn't easy. But my sister has stuck to her guns and her meal prep options have one a long way towards helping them stick to the program.

While I do want to eat healthier, I concede that I'm not quite ready to part with carbs in my life. But I am super open to increasing our vegetable intake, trying to exercise responsible portions and generally make healthier changes in our diet. As I had already been bitten by the meal prep bug (also because of my sister), it's not a question of what to cook.

It's one thing to stick to packed lunches every day. It's something else entirely to figure out what to cook and how much of it to portion for meals. And I know I haven't done a lot of hard research in this area and have been largely basing my portions off our old Delicious Diet routine. But we can totally make this work, I'm sure.

So now I'm super open to more vegetable recipes and I'm exploring some of these cook books that my sister had given to me over the years as not so subtle nudges to eat better. I've been trying to replicate some of the meals we had in Singapore although availability of things like avocados and broccolini is not ideal within the BGC area - or at least via honestbee. I may need to go around myself more in order to source what I'm aiming for.

I did manage to find the meat substitute Quorn though. Its rather pricey but it's crazy impressive at how it simulates the texture of meat. SCIENCE FOOD.

It will take some learning, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.