0248F: Sunday Tobie Day

As much as it was a heck of a lot of fun to play Pendragon with friends last night, today was a gaming-free day that was all about spending quality time with Tobie after being away for nearly two weeks.

We woke up late and lazed in bed for a bit. When we finally stepped out, our first meal of the day was a hearty mix of paella and yaki tori. The paella tasted more like risotto and the yaki tori wasn't quite Tori Q, but it was a great meal that we enjoyed together and that's all that mattered, really.

Errands for the day included me getting some jeans repaired (pick up on Tuesday) getting a haircut (check!), getting my toenails done (FAIL so I had to do it myself upon getting home), getting a backpack-style laptop bag for my computer (success!), explore possible new lunch pack containers (no dice), and get some grocery shopping done (unsatisfying).

Having just gotten back from Singapore, there were a few things I was hoping to incorporate into our routine. I had hoped to get new lunch containers with compartments to allow more food diversity (e.g. meat + veggie + brown rice) as we currently just reuse older containers from fast food delivery. I also hope to incorporate more vegetables into our diet including an experiment with Quorn, a quirky meat substitute that's vegetarian friendly. We're not going to go full vegan anytime soon but it wouldn't hurt to control our red meat consumption.

Now we're just relaxing at home, trying to finish leftover desserts from various birthday celebrations of weeks past. Tomorrow work resumes anew.