0248D: Hurry on Home

And just like that, 10 days have gone by and another Singapore trip comes to a close. I know I'm lucky to travel as often as I do even if mainly to Singapore, but as I've said many times before it's not like Tobie and I are the sort to enjoy travel all that much or any activity that takes us away from modern creature comforts like high speed internet and indoor plumbing. So just going back and forth to a place as modern as efficient as Singapore is more than enough of a trip for me.

I've just finished packing my gear so I get to be chill for the next few hours. Flight is at around 06:20am so I won't need to leave for the airport until 04:00am at the latest. I could actually step out for a few drinks, but it's not like I like the local queer scene enough to go without a friend or whatever. So I guess that means I'm staying in.

I do feel like my doggie battery is more than filled up along with my feline fuel level and my rabbit...err...I can't think of an alliteration.

I'll miss you Singapore, but I still miss home more. Even if it's a lot scarier these days given questionable police incidents.